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Katie Ruttan Daigle is the founder of Mandolin Media, and is an accomplished and versatile producer with experience spanning nearly two decades in the television industry. During that time period in various leadership roles, she has created, supervised and/or contributed her expertise to a wide range of national and international television programs for networks such as HBO, A&E, HGTV USA & Canada, Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Channel 4, the BBC, W Network, and the CBC.

Most recently she developed and produced through her production company a 26-episode property and renovation series entitled Reno vs. Relocate for HGTV Canada, which premiered on the channel May 2012 and has sold in numerous territories around the world.

Prior to producing Reno vs. Relocate, highlights of her career include 4 years at Cineflix Media; where in her duties as the series producer of the highly successful series Property Virgins she spearheaded its entry into the US market. Ten months later she was promoted to executive producer in charge of Cineflix's growing property division. During her tenure she was responsible for overseeing the creation and execution of more than 100 hours of primetime programming for HG US and Canada including For Rent, The Unsellables, and Blank Canvas- HGTV US's first fully integrated one-hour special. Her stable of shows at Cineflix also included creating the pilot for the runaway hit series Property Brothers.


Latest News

January 2013


We’re currently casting for a contractor/handyman who has a serious love for the art of construction and an insatiable curiosity for how things are built. The man we’re looking for is a charismatic character that has worked or currently works in the construction trade or is a hardcore handyman who considers building things a passionate hobby. He is between the ages of 28 and 40 and would be the guy who is considered amongst friends to be everybody’s pal, the life of the party, a BIG character. He has no problem carrying a conversation and being in front of a camera (though no previous on camera experience is required). He also loves to travel and has either traveled for his trade or has always wanted to try that. If you think you ARE this guy, or know someone who is, please contact Casting Director Sue Skinner at for full details.

November 2012

Casting Call! - CLOSED - Trying to write your will but your kids are already fighting over it? Is your once close family being torn apart by seemingly trivial arguments over grandma's turkey platter or the family photo album? Do your kids take out the label-maker at Sunday dinner and start putting their names on your stuff?

Have they stopped talking to you because you have decided to sell their beloved cottage, home or boat? Who is going to be the executor? Or do you feel like you need a referee? If they are fighting already, what is going to happen after you are actually gone? You need help now!

If any of this sounds familiar then we would like to help. Mandolin Media has teamed up with expert relationship mediators and legal advisors for a new documentary series that will guide families through the muck and mire of planning an estate.

We're providing free mediation and legal advice to families from the US and Canada who need our help and would like to share their story on television. No story is too small and if you and your family would like to participate, then please contact us for more information.

October 2012

Si Entertainment heads off to MIPTV 2012 with a number of deals already in place with global broadcasters for Mandolin Media's latest property and renovation series Reno vs. Relocate. The distributor has confirmed sales to A&E (Pan-Asia), Home Channel (South Africa), TVA-CASA TV (French Canada), and is close to closing deals for the UK and Europe.

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Reno vs. Relocate is an all-new series that pits property against renovation as homeowners tackle the expensive and life-changing question 'Do I renovate? Or relocate?' Style-savvy designer Robin Lewis works to persuade homeowners to stay put by using state-of-the-art graphics to simulate their dream reno, while expert realtor Vanessa Roman tries to convince them to move by showing a property that perfectly matches their wish list & budget.

Armed with all the information, homeowners have to choose whether they reno or relocate… BEFORE the hard work begins! And once they've made the ultimate decision, hosts and homeowners will get to work embarking on a major renovation or continuing the hunt for the ideal property. Either way they'll be moving from living in the status quo to a dream home in no time!

Reno vs Relocate
Vanessa Roman
Vanessa Roman
Vanessa Roman's personality matches the fiery colour of her hair – burning bright with ambition and drive, ever since she was little. Her entrepreneurial spirit began with lemonade stands and a paper route. Now as a licensed Realtor and co-host of Reno vs Relocate, Vanessa wants to put the fun and enjoyment back into changing homes. Dividing her time between Halifax and Toronto, Vanessa has made a name for herself in the real estate world as a woman with incredible energy, full of saucy wit and Maritime charm. In addition to serving the Halifax area as a realtor for eight years, Vanessa Roman is known as a relocation consultant for the military and RCMP. The Kate Walsh look-a-like oozes boundless charm and wit and is happily married with three children — a three-year-old toddler and a set of one-year old twins.
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Robin Lewis
Robin Lewis
Widely recognized as a Toronto-based interior designer, Robin Lewis' design aesthetic has been published on the pages of Canadian House & Home, Azure, FASHION, Wish and Design Lines magazines.

The self-described purist is an expert at reinvention: his past careers have included retail storeowner and restaurant entrepreneur. Robin is currently the Creative Director of Toronto interior design firm Elephants Limited.

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